Our Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise mainly cover the fields of law and the arts. In these areas, we do not only have special language skills, but we also possess specialist knowledge of the subjects involved.

Law and Administration

Legal translations are the focus of our activity. In particular, we translate official documents, deeds, certificates, contracts, and other legal as well as administrative texts.

Politics and Political Science

We also translate texts from the fields of politics and political science.

Art and Culture

Furthermore, we translate texts from the fields of art and culture, e. g. texts on music or visual arts and corresponding educational texts.

Philosophy and History

In addition, we translate texts from the fields of philosophy and history.

Literary Texts

Last but not least, we translate literary texts, i. e. texts belonging to the sphere of fiction and belles-lettres.

Further Areas

In case a translation assignment involves an area of expertise outside the scope of our partners, we co-operate with a qualified colleague from our network of translators in order to guarantee the highest possible quality of your translation.

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