Our Working Methods

Our working methods aim at producing translations of the highest quality possible. Translating in working groups, adherence to the native speaker principle and refraining from machine translation are the main features of our work.

Translating in Working Groups

We translate in working groups of two translators each. The first translator guarantees the translation’s accordance with the source text, whereas the second translator guarantees its adaptation to the language of the target text. Together, they produce a translation of the highest possible quality on the basis of a long-standing, well-established co-operation.

Native Speaker Principle

We adhere to the native speaker principle. That is, the native language of the translator primarily responsible for your translation is always the target language of your translation.

No Machine Translation

We refrain from machine translation. Language is the work of man and a cultural phenomenon. So is translation, too. It cannot fully be imitated by algorithms. That is why our translations are not produced by computers, but by humans. That is not to say that we use only analogue technology, of course. Over and above the field of word processing, we use, for example, terminology databases to manage vocabulary and texts in order to guarantee the consistency of the translations we produce. However, all this is only to support humans in translating.

Our Goal: the Highest Possible Quality

Altogether, our working methods guarantee that the translations produced by us are of the highest possible quality, especially their accordance with the source text and their adaption to the language of the target text.

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